Dog Walking

We love spending time in the outdoors, just like your best pal!  Whatever the weather, we will always walk your dog.  We will try and mix up the types of walk as much as possible, whether it be beaches, parks, heathland or woodland areas.  But it will be somewhere safe and away from traffic, and only off the lead with your permission. We can also tailor dog walks for older or less active dogs.


We will pick your dog up before and drop them off after, all included within the price*.


We will always include a free initial consultation before we start this service, to meet your furry friend and to discuss various preferences you may have, including whether they can be walked off a lead, whether you want any food or water put down after the walk, if any medication needs to be supplied, and any further special requests you have.


We are insured to walk up to a maximum of six dogs at any one time, but we try our best to keep this number to four or less.  This way we can ensure that they have fun together as a group but we also have time to focus on the whole group ensuring they are having fun and are safe at all times.

*Free collection up to a 3 mile radius, after that mileage charges will apply.